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JavaScript Developer (React)

We are Greenberry, a digital design agency from Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are technology optimists and believe that everything is possible in a digital world. We want to make a positive impact on society and create digital design that benefits all of us.

We design digital campaigns, platforms and services for organisations in government, healthcare, financial services, non-profits and NGO's.

Are you also a technology optimist and looking to make a positive impact on society? We might be looking for you. We're looking for a JavaScript developer who will help shape the development team together with our Tech Lead. As a team we will together decide on approach, architecture, tech stack and tools.



Our development team is looking for a JavaScript Developer. Someone who develops innovative communication, platforms and services together with clients in healthcare, government, retail and NGO's. You'll work in a multidisciplinary team of strategists, UX designers and visual designers. You'll be involved in a project from the get-go and contribute to the solution. You are curious and enjoy experimenting with new technologies. Together with the team you are able to develop high-end full-fledged products.

Tools & Tech Stack
We're a JavaScript focused dev team fond of the React ecosystem. These are some of the languages and tools we use:

[ JavaScript, React, React Native, NodeJS, Redux, GraphQL, SQL, Redis, Jest, Chromatic, Cypress, Storybook, Webpack, HTML, CSS/CSS-in-JS (Emotion), GatsbyJS, Sentry, Firebase, Git, Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes, Lambda, Netlify, DatoCMS, Sketch, Jira, Confluence, AWS, Slack, G Suite, iTerm/ohmyzsh, MacOS, ...yourTips ]

Not everything is set in stone, we're counting on your input!

What we ask from you:

  • Have fun in your work and think in possibilities;
  • You can easily relate to an end-user;
  • You know JavaScript inside out;
  • React has no secrets for you;
  • You have a keen eye for design and can implement it pixel-perfectly;
  • You enjoy implementing transitions and animations and maybe even come up with your own;
  • You have mastered HTML and CSS, although it will probably always be a love-hate relationship (such Emotion);
  • Building an API in NodeJS is a piece of cake for you;
  • You don't mind integrating 1 or 100 API's;
  • You write tests for your code;
  • You have experience in CI/CD and deployment;
  • You enjoy trying out new tools and technologies;
  • You can build an application independently or in a team;
  • You have experience with both waterfall and agile approaches;
  • You can deal well with client feedback and bugs;
  • You are fluent in written and spoken JavaScript and English;
  • You are a EU National;
  • You have at least 3 years of experience.

You'll earn bonus points if you:

  • Can build native apps with React Native;
  • Have experience in other programming languages such as PHP, Python, Go, Rust, Ruby, C#, Swift or Java;
  • Can build a socket-server;
  • Speak Dutch;
  • Occasionally like a drink. Or two.

Our Promise()

  • Shape the development team together with our Tech Lead and the other devs; You will get a lot of freedom and are heavily involved in decisions on approach, architecture, tech stack and tools.
  • Impactful projects making people's lives better;
  • Diversity in projects: from small prototypes to full-fledged products;
  • A team that lives and breathes creativity with experienced concept developers, UX designers, visual designers, developers and project managers;
  • The opportunity to grow rapidly with our company;
  • An inspiring and informal working environment from our office in Utrecht;
  • A daily healthy lunch;
  • A good pension;
  • 25 days of paid leave plus an average of 6 public holidays;
  • Travel reimbursement (if you do not live in Utrecht);
  • Access to conferences (we plan on organising our own Meetups as well);
  • €3.950 - €5.500 gross monthly salary.

Hiring process

  1. Introductory video call with our Tech Lead
  2. Assignment for you to make
  3. Second video chat about the assignment and other topics with one of our developers / your future team mates
  4. Third on-site interview with one of our Founders and our Tech Lead
  5. Offer
  6. The start of something beautiful

Are you interested? We'd love to meet you.

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